Careers in Dentistry

At MFD, our goal is always to create an excellent experience for both our customers and our employees. If you have a passion for dentistry and believe in the importance of trust, care, and humility in the workplace, you've come to the right dental practice. We'd love to for you to join our team, so please send your resume to [email protected] to apply today!

Current Openings

MFD dentists holding up Dr. Markowitz


At MFD, we're always looking to grow our team of skilled and caring dentists.

5 MFD dental assistants standing in lobby

Dental Hygienists

We're always looking for skilled and enthusiastic dental hygienists to join the team!

Dental Assistants

Make an impact by assisting dentists during patient appointments. Join our team now!

Business Team

Our receptionists greet our patients, schedule appointments, and keep things running smoothly.

Insurance Specialists

MFD practices need someone who's good with numbers and can keep track of complex information to handle billing.